Yes, entirely. (Yes, even for commercial use, although if you manage to need to use IRC for a commercial cause, you probably need a Nobel-prize. I stand corrected.)
Yes. Now with the Windows Phone 7 out and all, this is pretty pointless so what the hell.
What's with the name?
Don't ask. (Nem, a "zs" nem a "zseb" szóból jön.)
Why did you write this?
Same reason as PocketIRC - I needed a client that has logging and is still in development.
How does one pronounce it?
As you wish. I myself pronounce it "zh-eer-tz". (The "zh" is the same sound as in "meaSure".)
Other versions?
At the moment, only for Pocket PC 2003. I guess that should cover enough devices.
OMG OMG I reported feature XYZ and it's still not added WTF KTHX
I'm kindof making this client for myself, with my views and demands - I value good feedback, but I reserve the right to continue development with my tempo and direction. Consider this the reason why it's free.
Can one waste some bucks on the client?